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Get ready to sweat and smash your limits!

An exclusive club of motivated kicka$$ people taking life to the next level.


You’ll be immersed in a fun, dynamic workout experience that can improve performance in ALL aspects of life.


​You’ll be put to the test with a mix of endurance and strength training.  We’re convinced this will absolutely revolutionize the way the Lakes Region exercises.  


The cherry on top is our close-knit like-minded community.  You’ll be in the presence of greatness with supportive individuals who have a shared goal: To smash their limits and come out stronger each day.​

What's Included?


Monthly challenges with prizes to keep you working intensely to reach your optimal fitness level.


Private Facebook community to keep you motivated, inspired, and supported at all times. 

Red Wall & Stairs


Our coaches push you to your limit, and then they encourage you to dig deep and work even harder. 


From nutrition to conditioning to strength and endurance...You WILL reach your goals.

Up for the challenge?

Have Questions? Call us at (603) 581-9392 or drop us an email at

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