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The 10 week Total Body Transformation Program is different from any other program. It starts with a comprehensive health and fitness assessment that includes blood work to test blood sugar and cholesterol. This is not a diet or a strict workout plan.

Each week you will meet in a group for one hour. This hour is comprised of nutrition, behavior modification or stress management education.  You will also be given an opportunity to participate in a group fitness class. You will leave with the knowledge and confidence to manage your nutrition and fitness going forward!

Real results that we've seen with our groups:

  • Average weight loss of 14.5 lbs

  • Average inches lost overall 7.5"

  • Average triglycerides drop of 36%

  • Average cholesterol drop of 31%

  • Average sit up increase of 122%

  • Flexibility increase of 36%

In Their Own Words!

Are you an employer looking for a wellness program to offer your employees?

This is the perfect comprehensive wellness program to offer them. With healthcare costs on the rise, employers are always interested in new ways to keep their employees healthy! Let the 10 week Total Body Transformation Program be your solution! We may be able to offer the complete program onsite at your place of business! Call us today to find out how your business and your employees can benefit.

Have Questions? Call us at (603) 581-9392 or drop us an email at

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