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Settle in for some great conversation, getting deeper into Precision Nutrition and science-based education presented by PN certified Coach Sharon C.

This coaching consists of two one-on-one sessions. 

At Precision Nutrition, we look for what we call “deep health” — a multi-faceted, whole-person, whole-life experience of thriving in all domains: physical, mental, emotional, and so on. We don’t want clients who “look good” but feel awful inside. We want to help people feel and function well in all aspects of their lives.

For those seeking the “perfect” one-size-fits-all diet … there isn’t one! However, the great news is that everyone can learn to create and practice a healthy lifestyle of eating that works best for you. Come learn more!

Phase I - Whole Person-Whole Life: What To Eat

  • Understanding the recent changes in food labels

  • Starting to develop your personal Eating Plan

  • Pulling it all together

Phase II: Nutritional Principles

  • Eating: Seasonal, Organic, Unrefined, and Local

  • Intermittent fasting plans

  • Fine tuning your custom eating plan

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