Kate Fox

Kendra Fox is a graduate from Plymouth State University where she earned a degree in Early Childhood Studies and a minor in Dance with a Dance Pedagogy Certificate. Kendra began teaching dance classes in her teens, and in college began her work as a fitness instructor. Combining her knowledge of dance fitness and dance education with her Group Exercise Instructor Certification, she is able to teach a variety of classes at the Downtown Gym! 

Her barre classes draw inspiration from ballet and pilates to provide a fun, upbeat and fast paced strength workout that focuses on building muscle and enhancing cardiovascular health, while improving balance and flexibility.

I am facilitating cardio drumming class on Wednesday evenings. Like so many of us, exercising in a group is so much easier and more fun than doing it alone. I completed certification for Drums Alive to drum with my middle school students and when the opportunity to drum with adults came along, I completed my small group training certification so that I could also enjoy drumming with adults. I love drumming class because it gets your heart rate up, takes your mind off everything else and allows you to beat the crap out of a yoga ball! What could be more fun? Look forward to seeing you at the gym.