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Jamie Carvino

Trainer & Instructor


Jamie a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. Jamie has been in and out of the gym since he was a teenager. It wasn’t until after an injury left him with a permanent impairment, that he found his true love for fitness. Because of his injury he had to develop a much better understanding of exercise and began to focus on the proper nutrition to fuel his goals. Once he developed the knowledge needed, he began to see the changes he was looking for and now applies that knowledge to helping others to reach their goals, no matter what they are. Whether you are looking to maintain functional fitness, build muscle and strength, or anything in between…you can do it!

When Jamie is not at the gym he enjoys spending time with his kids the most and is also a certified firearms instructor and assist instructing defensive firearms training and self defense classes. Regardless of what kind of training you do, it all comes down to one thing…mindset. With dedication and consistency, goals will be reached.

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