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Jen Woods Maloney

Classes:  Tabata, Boot Camp, Cycle, Kick Box Fusion


We are SO excited to announce that Jennifer Woods Maloney has joined the team at The Downtown Gym & Wellness Center!

Jen is a bootcamp and kickboxing instructor and a Whole30 certified coach. Jennifer brings her motivating personality along with her drive to teach people how to better their lives through small consistent changes over time. Jennifer's unique coaching style is rooted in the fact she is just like you: busy lifestyle, running her own business, family priorities and the occasional glass of Pinot. Even if you can't make it to the gym everyday, let her show you how moving a little every day can become part of anyone's daily routine. Her fitness philosophy is built off of functional training and movement- training for life. Her love for

health and fitness goes beyond the gym doors. If she isn't training in the gym, you can find her hiking, running and snowshoeing throughout the beautiful Lakes Region.As a Whole30 coach, Jennifer has helped many people change the way they feel and look by changing the food that they eat. Let Jennifer help you restore your health by creating a plan that works for you, your lifestyle and your goals.

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